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4 Camera 300m Digital Wireless Farm Security Kit with 1TB Hybrid DVR

Product Code: DW3E4B1TB1

Wildlife Cameras - 4 Camera 300m Digital Wireless Farm Security Kit with 1TB Hybrid DVR

4 Camera 300m Digital Wireless Farm Security Kit with 1TB Hybrid DVR

£619.50 £542.06 inc VAT

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What Are The Benefits Of Digital Wireless?

  • Improved Signal Clarity- This system's Digital Wireless transmitter and receiver are paired together on a unique frequency. This means they are far less prone to interference and image breakdown than standard wireless equipment. Fantastic for use in busy WiFi areas!
  • Up to 300m Range- The system's improved signal means it can transmit over a massive 300m range in direct line of sight. Please note- solid obstructions will reduce range by up to half
  • Encrypted Transmission- As these transmitter kits use a unique frequency, there is no way for an external device to pick up the signal. This is especially crucial for security in sensitive areas

Other System Features

  • Partially Wired CCTV System- This uses 4 wired CCTV cameras, connected directly to a recorder. This is then transmitted using our powerful digital Wireless system, allowing you to monitor it on a TV or monitor. As this design only needs one transmitter and receiver, it's a great way to get the versatility of a wireless system at a much lower cost than using separate transmitters.
  • Waterproof CCTV Cameras- The included CCTV cameras are housed in durable Metal Alloy casings, letting them resist the elements
  • IR Night Vision- Each camera is fitted with an array of energy efficient Infra Red LEDs, providing up to 15m of clear night vision. Essential for unlit areas and night security!
  • SONY CCD Chips- All of our wired Security cameras use top quality Sony Super HAD Sensors, providing reliable image quality, and 700TV Lines of detail. Furthermore, one camera is fitted with a microphone, recording one channel of Audio
  • Hikvision DVR- The Recorder's advanced Motion Detection Mode will trigger recording in any channel if it sense movement. This is essential for monitoring hard to reach or quiet locations!

When designing this fantastic value Wireless 4 Camera Foaling CCTV Kit, we drew on all of our years of experience creating specialist farm security systems. This kit combines our high grade Night Vision Security Cameras with long range wireless transmission, providing wide scope for keeping your property secure. We have designed this with Farm Security in mind, but don't let that stop you- it's an ideal package for anyone who needs to secure a large property from up to 300m away.

This is a partially wired kit, meaning that it uses wired CCTV cameras connected to a hybrid professional 4 channel DVR. The signal from this device is then transmitted, meaning you only have to shell out for one Transmitter/Receiver kit, saving over £300! This system is ideal for covering different areas of a barn, warehouse or stable.

For unmatched clarity and ease of installation, this kit uses our latest Digital Wireless Transmitters, massively reducing interference, and boosting the unit's range to up to 300m! Please note, as with all Wireless CCTV, this will be reduced by half when going through solid obstructions.

As with our Wired CCTV Systems, this kit uses durable outdoor CCTV cameras capable of 15m of IR Night Vision- essential for use in unlit areas! These are then matched up with an advanced Digital Video Recorder boasting an adjustable Motion Detection mode. This feature will initiate recording on any of the unit's 4 channels when it senses movement, ideal for keeping a look out for intruders. This can even be fine tuned by changing sensitivity levels and masking out areas of the image. By using these controls you can make the built in 1TB Hard Drive last even longer!

Here at SpyCameraCCTV we have years of experience with Wireless CCTV. If you have any questions or would even like us to put together a bespoke system, just check our CONTACT page for the easiest ways to get in touch!

4 Camera 300m Digital Wireless Farm Security Kit with 1TB Hybrid DVR

£619.50 £542.06 inc VAT

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