4 Camera Hikvision TVI 1080p HD CCTV System with 40m IR and PoC DVR

Product Code: TVI6T4H

Cctv Systems - 4 Camera Hikvision TVI 1080p HD CCTV System with 40m IR and PoC DVR
hikvision turboHD 50m night vision camera front view
4 channel Hikvision TurboHD DVR
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What are the Benefits of TVI HD?

  • Uncompressed HD Video- TVI is a revolutionary new recording format for CCTV, that allows virtually uncompressed recording at resolutions simply not possible with traditional analogue cameras
  • Plug and Play Setup- Unlike IP systems that need to be configured on your network, TVI kits simply connect together using standard coax cables. This combines the quality of HD with the easy setup of analogue, and allows you to use existing RG59 wiring if you are upgrading a system
  • Easy RG59 upgrade- Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to select the type of cables you need or leave them out if you are upgrading a system which already has RG59 wiring
  • No Playback Delay- With IP cameras over a network there is a slight delay in the video playback. TVI systems are wired directly to the recorder, meaning live playback is actually live!
  • Power-over-Coax- Cameras draw power directly from the recorder over the RG59 cables, preventing the need for an external power supply

Camera Features

  • 1080p Full HD Recording capabilities- Record super crisp footage in full HD 1920x1080p resolution, full of vital details
  • 40 Metres Infra-red Night Vision- Record footage in even the lowest light conditions giving you 50 Metres of illumination to capture your subjects
  • In-depth picture controls - Using the TVI compatible DVR you have more options including Wide Dynamic Range and highlight/shadow detail
  • Low Light Recording- Capable of recording in conditions as dark as 0.005 Lux without using night vision
  • IP66 Rated Housing- Weatherproof casing on cameras means they can be set up in a variety of outdoor locations

Recorder Features

  • Full HD 1080p recording and playback- Record and view extremely clear full HD video at 1920x1080p resolution and 25fps
  • 4 Video channels- REcords highly detailed 1080p footage from each camera independently
  • Multiple recording options- With this cutting edge DVR you have a variety of recording triggering options including manual, scheduled, motion detection and more
  • Remote Access your Recorder and recordings- Check in on your property any time on the fly from a mobile device - seamlessly compatible with the iOS, Windows and Android platforms
  • Customise your System- Choose the right hard drive size and cable length for your system from the drop down menus at the top of the page

This professional grade TurboHD TVI security system from Hikvision combines the stunning 1080p image quality of an IP camera, with the intuitive plug-and-play installation of a traditional CCTV system. This, combined with the cameras' massive night vision range and varifocal lenses make it a great option for monitoring a large outdoor area.

The system uses TVI technology in order to send uncompressed 1020x1080p full HD video down an RG59 cable (the same kind used in many traditional CCTV kits). This not only lets you record incredibly high resolution video files, but also means that users upgrading an existing system might even be able to use their current wiring! The system uses Power-over-Coax (PoC), letting the cameras draw power from the record over the RG59 cable, and removing the need for additional power supplies.

The drop down menu at the top of the page allows you to add which length of cable you require. If you are upgrading a current system, then simply leave this blank to just buy the cameras and recorder.

The included cameras are some of the most versatile and robust in Hikvision's range. As well as a massive 40m of night vision, they are also equipped with varifocal lenses. These allow you to manually adjust the field of view from 92-32 degrees, so you can fine tune each camera's coverage. Sturdy IP66 rated housings allow the cameras to be installed outdoors, withstanding whatever the weather can throw at them.

As with all of our professional recorders, the included Hikvision DVR allows you to adjust settings such as motion detection and scheduling on a camera-by-camera basis. Once connected to your router and configured, the DVR also allows remote access to securely view your cameras live online using a PC or smartphone.