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4 Camera CCTV Security System Sony EFFIO 700TVL 30m IR and 1TB LAN DVR

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Cctv Systems - 4 Camera CCTV Security System Sony EFFIO 700TVL 30m IR and 1TB LAN DVR

4 Camera CCTV Security System Sony EFFIO 700TVL 30m IR and 1TB LAN DVR

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Camera Features

  • SONY EFFIO Imaging Chip- Professional grade sensor records a stunning 700Tv lines, our highest standard of image quality. This is perfect for customers with the most demanding security requirements- accept no compromises!
  • 30m Infrared night vision- Powerful array of 36 High efficiency IR LEDs provides enough illumination for the camera to clearly see subjects up to 30m away. Despite this range, they use 20% less power than standard LEDs! Perfect for dark environments such as Car Parks or Industrial properties
  • Varifocal Lens- Adjustable lens allows user to precisely set the angle of view between 50 and 18 horizontal degrees. This adds another level of customisation to your security system
  • IP66 Weather-Proofing- The camera's robust aluminium housing has been tested to the IP66 standard, meaning they can withstand continued and heavy rainfall. Their integrated rain hoods also mean the camera's view will remain clear
  • Vandal Proof mount- The included bracket is reinforced, helping it withstand any unwanted "rock assisted adjustments"

DVR Features

  • 4 Channels of video input- Allows recorder to simultaneously record high quality video from each camera
  • D1 Recording Resolution- Recorder can capture footage at full D1 resolution (720x576), providing crisp and sharp recordings
  • 100 FPS recording- The DVR's high frame rate allow the user to capture smooth 25FPS footage simultaneously across each channel- no more jerky security footage!
  • H.264 Compression- This efficient compression method allows the recorder to use a high resolution, whilst using impressively small file sizes
  • 1TB Hard Disc Drive- DVR comes ready installed with a massive 1TB HDD, Allowing the user to continuously record for days at a time without overwriting footage
  • Advanced Motion Detection Mode- Helps stretch Hard Drive space even further by only triggering record on a channel when it senses movement in the frame. This can then be fine tuned by using the sensitivity and zone controls- see description for more info!
  • LAN Networking- After a quick setup, allows secure, remote viewing of your CCTV footage over the internet via PC or mobile. A necessity for security in those remote locations!
  • Time Stamping- Recorder automatically imprints time and date information onto footage, a key feature when reviewing archived video!

When searching for a Professional CCTV security solution, there are some situations that simply call for nothing but the highest standards of durability and image quality. Whether you need a robust system to monitor a commercial property, or dependable equipment to watch over an exposed Car Park, Our 700TVL SONY EFFIO camera systems have been designed to handle it all! At SpyCameraCCTV.com, we have years of experience specialising in professional security equipment. We have strived to use all of this knowledge in order to put together this exclusive range of 700TVL CCTV systems. Each package is all inclusive, containing all of the power adapters and connectors you need to get your cameras up and running as soon as possible!

Included in the system are 4 robust Vandal proof security cameras, each fitted with SONY's world beating EFFIO imaging system. Using a combination of high grade CCD sensor and a proprietary processing system, these cameras record crystal clear video with true-to-life full colour reproduction. The recording resolution is 700TVL, the highest standard available for this class of camera. This guarantees a sharp image with crisp, well defined detail- essential if your footage will be needed as evidence!

After night falls the cameras will continue watching over your property, thanks to their bank of 36 brilliant Infrared LEDs. This enables the camera to illuminate subjects up to 30m away, recording clear video even in total darkness. This is perfect for spaces such as quiet car parks or warehouses that may not have ideal lighting after hours. Of course, when your cameras are installed in such an exposed position you want to be sure that they can withstand whatever comes their way, be it wind, rain or stones! Luckily the Aluminium camera housings are weather proofed to the IP66 standard, meaning you can expose them to consistent, heavy rain without fear of failure. In addition, the robust mounting brackets are vandal proof, and conceal any vulnerable cables.

In order to maintain the highest standards of quality and versatility, we have included in the package a 100m reel of uncut high quality RG59 coaxial cable, with all required power and AV connectors.

We know that when you are using cameras able to provide unsurpassed image quality even in harsh conditions, it is vital to pair it with a DVR to match. Included in this comprehensive package a versatile 4 channel DVR featuring a 1GB HDD and a host of customisable features. In particular, the recorder's in depth Motion Detection mode is a vital feature when monitoring any space that sees limited footfall. When engaged, the DVR only triggers recording on a video channel when it senses movement within the frame. This greatly helps reduce unwanted footage, and helps ensure you only have to review the important parts! This is also a fantastic way to make the massive integrated hard drive last even longer. The Motion Detection behaviour can be further adjusted by altering the sensitivity setting, and using zone masking to block off areas of the image that routinely have moving subjects. Common examples include swaying tree branches and public hallways.

Naturally, if you're CCTV system is monitoring an isolated location, the chances are you won't often be able to access the recorder locally to review footage. This is where the built in LAN port becomes invaluable- enabling the user to remotely- and securely- view a live stream of their camera footage from anywhere in the world over the internet. This feature even supports mobile devices on the Android and iOS platforms, so you can stay close to your property or stock no matter where you are! If you are familiar with IP addresses and routers then this is fairly straight forward to set up, however if you require any help then our expert advisers can easily remotely connect you for a one time fee.

As an added extra this package also contains an A4 waterproof warning sign, perfect for helping create an imposing visual deterrent for any potential intruders!

ALWAYS REMEMBER- SpyCameraCCTV.com may be an online retailer, but we are proud of our highly trained UK based expert advisers, who are always ready to answer any questions you have, or even put together a custom system for you! Simply check our Contact page for more information on how you can get in touch!

4 Camera CCTV Security System Sony EFFIO 700TVL 30m IR and 1TB LAN DVR

£737.48 £645.30 inc VAT

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