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2MP 1080p HD Dome IP Security Camera, ONVIF 10m IR Night Vision POE

Product Code: OD71CIP10PE

Accessories - 2MP 1080p HD Dome IP Security Camera, ONVIF 10m IR Night Vision POE

2MP 1080p HD Dome IP Security Camera, ONVIF 10m IR Night Vision POE

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  • Professional IP Dome Camera- This camera outputs HD video via a network cable, letting you easily stream it to a PC or mobile without the need for a DVR
  • 1080p Video- Footage is recorded in Full HD (1920x1080), capturing far more detail than equivalent analogue CCTV cameras
  • Sony Exmor Sensor- Camera is built around a professional grade imaging chip, ensuring reliably crisp video with true-to-life colour
  • Dome Housing- Durable plastic dome casing helps keep the camera discreet, making it well suited to interior security
  • Weather proof housing- Dome housing is rated IP66, allowing it to be installed in exposed outdoor locations
  • 10m Night Vision- Ring of infra-red LEDs provides 10m night vision illumination, essential for after hours monitoring
  • Simple Set Up- Unlike many IP cameras, this has a simple software configuration process, with step by step instructions in plain English
  • ONVIF Compatibility- Camera conforms to the ONVIF standard, meaning it is fully compatible with most NVRs on the market
  • CMS Software- Bundled software allows you to capture footage straight to a computer, with basic control over features such as motion detection. For 24/7 security we recommend using a dedicated NVR
  • H.264 Compression- Camera records video using efficient compression, letting it record detailed video in impressively small file sizes
  • Sub-streams- Lets the camera record full resolution footage whilst simultaneously streaming lower resolution images to PC and mobile devices
  • Power Over Ethernet- Camera can draw power from the same cable that it uses to send video data, greatly helping to cut down on your system's wiring. Please note that this requires a PoE Switch or adapter

With impressive levels of fine image detail, and versatile network & streaming options, this professional dome IP security camera is suited to the most demanding business and commercial applications. IP camera systems use all-digital imaging, and output via a network cable. This allows them to achieve a level of image quality higher than any analogue system, and to easily connect to a network for live monitoring over the internet without the need for a DVR. A discreet IP66 weather proof dome housing and 10m of IR night vision complete the camera's impressive feature list.

At the heart of the camera is a professional grade Sony Exmor CMOS imaging chip, able to capture Full HD (1920x1080) resolution video in true-to-life full colour. This is the same pixel dimensions as broadcast HD TV, helping ensure they capture fine details. The camera can simultaneously send a full resolution stream to a recorder, whilst providing lower resolution streams to watch on PC and mobile devices.

The camera can connect directly to your router using a standard ethernet cable, so there is no need to connect them via a separate device such as a recorder. Whilst some IP cameras have previously required a highly involved set up- making them impractical for those without networking experience- this new range has been designed with simple configuration in mind. This includes a step by step instruction manual written in plain English. We even include CMS software, letting you capture the camera's footage straight to the computer. For 24/7 recording however we always recommend using a dedicated NVR. The camera is alos ONVIF compatible, meaning it can be paired up with most NVRs on the market.

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2MP 1080p HD Dome IP Security Camera, ONVIF 10m IR Night Vision POE

£130.00 £104.00 inc VAT

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