250m Reel High Copper RG59 Coaxial CCTV Camera cable with Power Cables

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Accessories - 250m Reel High Copper RG59 Coaxial CCTV Camera cable with Power Cables
RG59 coaxial shotgun cable connectors
Interior diagram of 250m RG59 coax cable reel
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  • RG59 Cable reel with DC Power- This professional standard reel features high quality RG59 cable with attached DC power wires. This makes it the perfect choice to run power and video signals to our TVI Professional HD Range or Hikvision TurboHD Range.
  • Bare Copper Wire BraidingThis heavy duty wire uses braided Copper wire for shielding rather than standard Aluminium, meaning less signal drop off when used over longer distances.
  • Fully Weatherproofed Jacket- The cable's full PVC jacketing allows it to be installed on the exterior of buildings or even ran underground!
  • 1m Interval Markings- Cable is marked every metre to make dividing the cable for large installations a breeze!
  • Massive 250m Reel- This huge cable reel is perfect for installing larger multi camera setups.
  • Wooden Reel- Cable is mounted onto heavy duty wooden reel, tough enough to withstand on site work


If you've invested in the best CCTV equipment, such as our Hikvision TurboHD or 16 Camera systems, then you don't want the quality of your system top be hampered by sub-standard cabling! Because of this, we are now stocking these MASSIVE 250m reels of professional grade RG59 coaxial cable. This is provided alongside 2 DC power cables, making the ideal way to run both power and video signals to your CCTV cameras.

Unlike standard coaxial cabling, this high grade reel uses Bare Copper wire braiding to shield it's central conductor, providing impressively low attenuation. For those of us less technically inclined this basically means you can run a greater length of cable without a degradation in signal quality. both cables are also protected by a heavy duty 6mm PVC jacket, so they're safe to use outdoors, or even buried in the ground. If you're intending to install any wired CCTV cameras a distance away from your home, then it really pays to invest in this high grade cable!

This really is the ideal choice for professional CCTV installers- stock up in bulk to make easy work out of those large scale jobs. Of course you don't have to be a pro to use this gear, it's no more difficult than wiring up a HiFi. Our full range of BNC twist fit adapters and Power Jack Connectors means we have everything you need to get your Security system up and running!

What's in the box?

  • 1x 250m reel of high copper low resistance Coax cable

Technical Specification

Coaxial Cable

Inner Conductor: 0.81mm Bare Copper (BC)
Dielectric: 3.7mm Foam Polyethylene
1st Shielding: Single Bonded Aluminium foil
Outer Conductor: 55% 64 x 0.12mm Bare Copper (BC)
Jacket: 6mm PVC
Resistance: 75 Ohm
Nominal Capacitance: 53 pF/m
Attenuation @ 20C (db/100m): 5Hz- 3.8 55Hz- 6.41 550Hz- 19.04 1000Hz- 26.82

DC Power Cable

Inner Conductor: 16 x 0.2mm Bare Copper
Inner Jacket: 1.8mm PVC
Outer Jacket: 6mm PVC

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