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2 Wireless Spy Camera Covert Home Security System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

Product Code: 2PHRS1TB

Spy Cameras - 2 Wireless Spy Camera Covert Home Security System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

2 Wireless Spy Camera Covert Home Security System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

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Camera Features

  • Tiny Spy Cameras- measure only 2x2x2cm, making them easy to discreetly install
  • Wireless Transmission- allows cameras to send video to their receivers from up to 50m away*
  • Coated Pinhole Lenses- allow each camera to see through a gap as small as 2mm! This means you can safely hide the camera away with only the lens exposed
  • High Grade CMOS Sensor- ensures camera records reliably crisp video at 700TV Lines Resolution
  • Manual Focus- Allows you to precisely adjust the image for each camera

DVR Features

  • 4 Channel DVR- allows you to expand your system at a later date by adding up to 2 new cameras
  • Hybrid DVR- Uses hybrid HD recorder, compatible with AHD and TVI cameras. This means you can easily upgrade to an HD system at a later date without needing to swap your DVR
  • 1TB Hard Drive- the recorder's built in hard drive can store up to 14 days of continuous, uninterrupted footage!
  • Motion Detection- This advanced DVR can be set to automatically trigger recording when it senses movement in one of the video feeds. Ideal for monitoring a quiet alleyway or garden
  • Zone Masking- allows the user to block off areas of the image from motion detection, preventing the device being triggered by things such as road traffic or trees.
  • Network Access- allows recorder to connect to a router, letting you- after a one time setup- to view live footage from the cameras over the internet
  • Mobile Viewing- you can even watch footage online over a mobile device, supporting iOS and Android
  • Easy Viewing- Recorder can be quickly connected to any TV or monitor to view footage, but can be left recording without one
  • Audio Recording- 1 Audio channel allows you to record sound from one of the cameras
  • 960H resolution- DVR can record video up to 960H resolution, equivalent to DVD quality
  • H.264 Compression- allows the DVR to record high quality video clips to a very small file size, letting the 1TB hard drive last even longer
  • Multiple Recording Modes- in addition to Motion Detection, the recorder features Continuous, Scheduled and Power-on modes
  • Time Stamping- automatically adds time and date information to recordings, an invaluable feature when reviewing archived footage

This Wireless Covert Home Security System combines two of our tiny Pinhole Cameras with an advanced hybrid CCTV DVR. This means there is now no need to choose between the discretion of Spy Cameras and the in depth monitoring options provided by a dedicated Recorder- this system combines the two! This makes it ideal for Security in the home or office.

The included cameras are tiny, measuring approximately 2x2x2cm- install them behind books on a shelf, or hidden inside a desk drawer. The cameras use a miniature pinhole lens, allowing them to record video through gaps as narrow as 2mm! This lets you place the cameras neatly out of sight, with only the inconspicuous black lens on show. As the devices are so light, we have even had customers mount them on a wall with blue-tac!

Crucially, these are Wireless CCTV Cameras, allowing them to transmit both video and audio to the included receivers without the need for any suspicious trailing AV cables. All the cameras need to start transmitting is a connection to a power supply. The built in transmitters have an unobstructed Wireless range of 50m, although (as with all similar devices) solid obstructions such as walls will reduce this significantly. This makes the kit ideal for home security, as the cameras can be installed downstairs in the hallway or near an entrance, whilst the recorder remains out of the way upstairs.

The included Digital Video Recorder is capable of handling 4 channels of video. It allows you to expand the system with up to 2 additional cameras at a later date. This device can be easily connected to almost any TV or computer monitor, allowing live viewing from the cameras. Alternatively, just set the DVR to record, and you can leave it tucked away as a standalone device, storing up to 2 weeks worth of continuous footage on the integrated 1TB Hard Drive.

As with all of our professional CCTV DVRs, this recorder features a Motion Detection mode, allowing it to trigger whenever it senses movement in one of the video channels. This can be further fine tuned with sensitivity adjustment and zone masking.

Furthermore, the recorder boasts an ethernet connection, allowing you- following a one time set up process- to easily log in and view live footage from your cameras online! This even works with mobile devices, so you can keep an eye on your property, even when on the move! This system comes with everything you need to set this up, and is fairly straightforward if you have knowledge of routers and port forwarding. If not then never fear- we have an easy remote DVR set up service that can get this up and running for you and provide 3 months of ongoing support!

2 Wireless Spy Camera Covert Home Security System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

£302.96 £265.09 inc VAT

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