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2 15m Night Vision Dome Camera CCTV System with 1TB Hikvision DVR

Product Code: PK7E2B1TB

Cctv Systems - 2 15m Night Vision Dome Camera CCTV System with 1TB Hikvision DVR

2 15m Night Vision Dome Camera CCTV System with 1TB Hikvision DVR

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Camera Features

  • Gamut Black Security Camera- The cameras are part of our exclusive GAMUT range, recording crisp and detailed 700TV Line video
  • Sony Super HAD Chip- As with all of our Security Cameras, these feature a top-grade Sony CCD sensor. This helps ensure a reliable clear recording
  • 15m Night Vision- Cameras use Infra-Red LEDs to record subjects up to 15m away, even in total darkness
  • Full Colour Video- Records in vivid colour during the day, before switching to black and white in order to use the night vision when it gets dark
  • Vandal Proof Dome- Each camera is housed in a durable metal alloy bracket, protecting them from any potential vandalism
  • IP65 Housing- Weatherproof build allows cameras to be installed outdoors
  • Discreet Size- Cameras are only around the size of a tennis ball, meaning they won't be too obvious to any thieves!

DVR Features

  • 4 Channel Recorder- The included Digital Video recorder can handle up to 4 cameras, allowing an easy way to expand your system at a later date
  • Hybrid DVR- Works with most formats of HD CCTV, including AHD and TVI. This means the recorder is future proof if you are planning to upgrade to HD at a later date!
  • Network DVR- Recorder can be set up to allow you to playback, record and monitor footage over the internet
  • CCTV On The Go- network features can even be set up to work over mobile devices! These include iPhone, Android and Windows Phones and Tablets
  • Motion Detection Recording- DVR can be set to initiate recording on a camera whenever it senses movement. Essential for security after hours!
  • Zone Masking- Areas of the image can be blocked from Motion Detection, preventing things like passing cars from constantly setting it off
  • 1TB Storage- Included hard drive can hold up to 2 weeks worth of constant footage on the highest quality settings, or significantly more with reduced settings. need more? Add upgrade your storage from the drop down menu above
  • Scheduled Recording- Easily program recording times on a 24 hour, 7 day schedule
  • Time Stamping- Recorder can be set to automatically add time and date information to recorded videos. Essential for any footage to be submitted as evidence!
  • H.264 Video Compression- Device records using this advanced format, allowing highly detailed footage without using up your hard drive space!

Looking for a complete CCTV security system for a small shop or retail premises? In need of professional grade video recording, but not the commercial sized multi camera kits that offer it? This 2 Dome Camera Security system may just be the perfect solution! Featuring our exclusive GAMUT black camera range, it's a perfect choice for those who want a step up in recording quality from a standard home system, but only need to monitor a small area. This makes it perfect for businesses such as newsagents, off licences or takeaways.

The two included cameras are part of the GAMUT black range, and as such boast the latest line of Sony Super HAD imaging chips. Not only are these designed to handle challenging contrasting lighting, but can record video with 700 TV Lines of detail. The is a notable improvement from standard cameras, and easily exceeds the guidelines recommended by police for private security systems. During daytime the cameras record with vivid true-to-life colour, before switching the black and white after dark in order to pick use night vision. This is provided by a small ring of energy efficient LEDs, allowing them to see subjects up to 15m away, even in total darkness. No need to worry about catching intruders after the lights go out!

The cameras are housed in robust vandal proof metal alloy domes, and- despite all of these professional features- are only around the size of a tennis ball! This helps keep them discreet when installed in your ceiling or wall.

Also included in the system is a fully fledged 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder, with a built-in 1TB Hard Drive. This allows you to easily expand your system with up to 2 extra cameras if you find yourself needing more coverage at a later date. Importantly, the recorder boasts a LAN port. Simply put, this allows you to playback, record and monitor footage from your cameras from almost any computer over the internet. This takes a simple one time configuration process, after which it's a breeze to quickly login and check on your property. This feature even works on many mobile devices, including phones and tablets running iOS, Android and Windows.

The Recorder is also kitted out with a host of customisable recording options, including a fully adjustable motion Detection mode, and an in depth Scheduling mode to program recording times. This provides you with extensive flexibility to fine tune your systems operations, and helps cut down on wasted footage when reviewing recordings. Of course, the built-in 1TB hard drive can hold up to 2 weeks of footage on the highest quality settings, and significantly more with a reduced frame rate.

2 15m Night Vision Dome Camera CCTV System with 1TB Hikvision DVR

£300.60 £239.00 inc VAT

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