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16 Dome Camera CCTV System with IR, 2TB Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

Product Code: PK7E16B2TB

Cctv Systems - 16 Dome Camera CCTV System with IR, 2TB Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

16 Dome Camera CCTV System with IR, 2TB Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

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Camera Features

  • Cameras boast 700TV lines of resolution, recording images in exceptional detail
  • High quality SONY CCD imaging chip guarantees vivid colours in the daytime
  • Powerful Infra-red LED array provides 15m of Night Vision after the sun goes down
  • Compact yet robust Vandal-proof Dome cameras can be used indoors or out for maximum flexibility when installing you system

DVR Features

  • 16 Channel DVR includes a massive 2GB of storage, and 200fps recording for smooth motion across all channels
  • Advanced Motion Detection with sensitivity adjustment ensures you only capture the important footage.
  • Professional features including Scheduled and Continuous Recording help you fine tune the Recorder's activities, saving your precious time and hard drive space!
  • Includes LAN port enabling you, after a quick set up, to view your what your cameras are watching live from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • Online features also allow access from mobile devices. Supported platforms include iOS and Android

This 16 CAMERA CCTV SYSTEM is the perfect solution for anyone looking to monitor a sizeable, varied environment such as an office building, warehouse or large shop. This system's impressive resolution and recording flexibility make it an easy choice, whether you run a business and need to keep track of your employee's activities, or are simply concerned about a property. Add in SpycameraCCTV.com's expert technical advice and online Set up service, and the result is a package tailor made to business security requirements.

Included in the system are 16 compact, vandal proof dome cameras. Each one uses a high quality SONY CCD imaging chip to record an impressive 700TV lines of resolution. This guarantees a crisp image with plenty of detail, and vivid colour during the day. At night, the powerful IR LED array illuminates subjects up to a maximum of 20m away. At roughly the size of a tennis ball, the camera's unassuming size allows the utmost flexibility when planning your system's layout. The dome cases are even weather resistant, allowing them to be used inside or out all year round!

The included DVR features a massive 2TB hard drive, allowing many days recording even when all 16 cameras are connected. When the recorder can store that much footage, it's vital that it's only recording when you want it to. Because of this, it features 3 professional recording modes- Motion Detect, Continuous, and Scheduled- to help fine tune it's behaviour. The system is incredibly easy to setup, but still allows for in depth customisation to suit your requirements.

Under Motion Detection, the recorder only initiates recording when it detects movement in the frame. This is perfect for keeping an eye out for intruders in those quiet locations that don't get much footfall. This can be further adjusted by changing the sensitivity setting, or even blocking out zones of the image where movement routinely occurs. This is especially useful to help prevent object such as swaying trees or background traffic from starting the recorder.

Scheduled Recording lets you program recording times within a 24 hour, 7 day schedule, whilst Continuous instructs the unit to automatically overwrite older footage. Using these two modes, you should never have to adjust the DVR once the system has been set up, unless you wish to download your videos.

For those hoping to keep tabs on their business whilst away, the DVR features a LAN port to allow secure access online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Using this feature you can watch live streaming footage from your cameras remotely, providing absolute peace of mind when you can't be there yourself. This feature even supports mobile devices using iOS and Android, making it easier than ever to stay close to your valuables. IF you have experience with IP addresses and routers then this is quite straightforward to set up. However, should you require additional help then our team can offer a simple remote setup service for a one time fee. Please see here for more details.

DON'T FORGET we may be an online store, but our UK based team of experts are here to provide advice if you have any questions, or to put a unique package together if you can't find what suits you. Just check our Contact page for details of how you can get in touch.

16 Dome Camera CCTV System with IR, 2TB Hikvision DVR, Mobile Access

£1,338.95 £1,069.00 inc VAT

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