10m Pro RG59 Coaxial CCTV Cable BNC Video RCA Audio DC Power

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Accessories - 10m Pro RG59 Coaxial CCTV Cable BNC Video RCA Audio DC Power
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  • 3 Way Cable- One cable runs video, audio, and power, so you only have to run one out to each camera
  • RG59 Coaxial Cable- Shielded copper cable ensures there is no loss in signal quality, making it suitable for TVI HD cameras
  • Standard Connectors- Uses BNC video, RCA audio and 2.1mm jack for DC power, providing wide compatibility
  • Waterproof Casing- Allows cable to be installed in outdoor locations


Looking to put together a 1080p TVI HD system? Such high resolution cameras naturally need to be connected to cables that won't compromise their recording quality. Luckily, this 10m cable is made from RG59 cable, with a shielded Copper core, making it perfect for use with these kits, as well as Sony EFFIO systems.

The cable is pre-fitted with a BNC connector for video & RCA for audio, as well as a 2.1mm jack for DC power. This means you only have to run one cable out to your camera's location.

We also have these cables in 5m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m and 60m lengths, so you can be sure to find the right size for your installation.

What's in the box?

Technical Specification

Length: 10m
Inner conductor: 0.81mm Bare Copper
1st Shielding: Single Aluminium Foil
Jacket: 6x3.5mm Black PVC
Impedance: 75+/-3 Ohm
Capacitance: 53pF/m

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