10dB 2.4GHz Directional High Gain Antenna with 1m Cable and Adaptors

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Wireless Cameras - 10dB 2.4GHz Directional High Gain Antenna with 1m Cable and Adaptors
10db high gain antenna rear connectors
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  • Increases signal range- Massively increases the distance possible with wireless CCTV, making it perfect for outdoor locations such as farms
  • Directional- Antenna only sends the signal in a 70 degree wide beam, meaning it focuses it's power for more range
  • Flat Wall Mount- Built in bracket lets you easily mount the antenna flat on an external wall
  • Use one or a pair- Antenna can be used on it's own, connected to the transmitter, or paired with a second unit on the receiver to double the boosting effect
  • Easy Connectivity- Kit includes all the adaptors you need to connect it to our wireless transmitters and receivers


This 2.4GHz directional antenna is a fantastic way to greatly increase the range of most wireless CCTV systems. the device boosts a transmitter or receiver's gain by 10dB, massively increasing it's power. What's more, as the unit only sends signal in a focussed 70 degree wide arc, it can achieve distances much greater than similar omnidirectional models. The antenna mounts flat to an external wall, so there's no need to set up a pole to hold it. We have also included a 1m cable and a complete set of connectors, so should will work right out of the box with all of our standalone transmitters and receivers.

This antenna will massively boost the range of wireless systems, but the huge number of factors impacting wireless performance means we cannot provide specific estimates for range.

What's in the box?

  • 1x 10dB High Gain Antenna
  • 1x 1m Cable
  • Complete set of connectors

Technical Specification

Frequency Range: 2.4-2.5GHz
Gain: 10dBi
Polarisation: Vertical
SWR: <1.5:1
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Connector: N Socket
Dimensions: 107x94x30mm
Weight: 320g
Working Temperature & Humidity: -40 to +50C 20-95%

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