Business Security PIR Sensor Camera

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Spy Cameras - Business Security PIR Sensor Camera
Wifi PIR sensor camera MicroSD card slot access
Wifi HD PIR sensor camera side view
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PIR Sensor Spy Camera
Tiny IP camera mounted inside of a standard wall-mounted PIR sensor housing
Ideal for covert workplace security

1080p HD Video
Records crisp, full-colour video in 1920x1080p Full HD resolution, enough for plenty of usable subject detail

Pinhole Lens
Everything is captured through a tiny hole in the face of the sensor, helping keep the camera discreet

Remote Access
IP camera connects to your network router, letting you view live or recorded footage from anywhere using a secure PC or mobile app

WiFi Access
Works over wireless, preventing the need for a suspicious network cable running to the sensor. Simply plug the camera into your router for an initial configuration, then once it's set up all it needs is WiFi signal and a power supply

MicroSD Card Recording
Built-in card slot lets you record clips directly to the device without needing an external CCTV recorder. Compatible with Class 10 cards up to 128GB (not included)

Adjustable Recording
Features a full range of motion detection and scheduled recording modes for easy automation

Audio Compatible
Features built-in microphone

Uses advanced video compression, letting you record for up to twice as long before the MicroSD card fills up


Sometimes you just need to take extra care when there's reason to be suspicious. Whether it's covertly monitoring a stockroom or catching theft in an office, some security applications simply need cameras that don't attract unwanted attention. This PIR sensor camera is a perfect solution, offering a standalone device that boasts many of the same recording features as a full system. It even features WiFi access, so you can connect remotely to watch footage from your camera without needing any indiscreet network cables trailing from the device.

The camera itself records crisp, full-colour footage in 1920x1080 Full HD resolution, ensuring that any footage is full of usable subject detail. Everything is captured through a tiny pinhole lens, pointing out of a miniscule hole on the face of the sensor. The imaging chip is sensitive enough to work in conditions as dark as 0.5 lux, or can be paired with an additional infrared illuminator to work in complete darkness.

The IP camera is designed to connect to your network router, letting you log in and securely watch live or recorded footage from anywhere, using a PC or mobile device (iOS or Android). The camera needs to be plugged in to your router for an initial configuration, then after that, it can work from WiFi, connected to nothing but power. It even features a MicroSD card slot, letting you record clips of footage without an external CCTV recorder. Recording settings include a full range of motion detection and scheduling options. Please note: card not included.

What's in the box?

  • 1x WiFi PIR sensor camera
  • 1x Mains power supply

Technical Specification

Sensor Type: 1/2.8 CMOS
Sensor Resolution: 1920x1080
Sensitivity: 0.5 lux
Main Stream Resolution: 1920x1080@25fps 1280x720@25fps
Sub Stream Resolution: 4CIF@25fps CIF@25fps
Video Compression: H.265 H.264
DWDR: Supported
3D DNR: Supported
IR Cut Filter: Yes Automatic
Lens Type: 3.7mm Pinhole
Field Of View: 76 degrees (horizontal)
Lens Mount: Board Mounted
Audio Compression: G.711
Memory Card Slot: Supports up to 128GB Class 10 required (not included)
Recording: Continuous Recording Motiond Detection Scheduled Alarm Trigger
Unit Configuration: Via web browser or PC software
Ethernet: 10/100 Base T Auto-sensing Half/full Duplex RJ45
Wireless: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
PoE: Not Supported
Dimensions: 130x50mm
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Power Consumption: 6W
Operational Temperature: -20 to +55c
Humidity: 10-80%


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