Remote Setup & Support

Remote support

We know that CCTV can be confusing.

It's a specialist field of technology, filled with technical jargon, and even professional installers with decades of experience can have trouble keeping up to date with the latest know-how. Because of this, we have made it our mission to make sure our customers always have the information and help they need to get their security systems working and protecting their property. So whether you're installing systems for trade, or just a single camera to go up on your house, you can call our Bristol based helpdesk to answer any questions you have.

Our promise: We will never charge you for telephone or email support.

Remote Support

Whilst we try to answer every technical question in this way, we know that in some situations you might need help that goes beyond this. For example, some you might not be comfortable doing things like adjusting network settings, or you might want to set up the equipment in a unique, customised way that it may not necessarily be designed for.

In these situations, our specially trained engineers can remotely log in to your PC or recorder and configure settings directly for you. All you have to do is be ready at a pre-booked time with some login details, and then you can sit back with a cuppa whilst we do all the hard work for you. This remote support is charged at a simple fee per 15 minutes of connection. During this time we can also walk you through smart features such as line crossing and zone masking.

£12.50 + VAT per 15 mins or £50 + VAT per hour
Please call us to book in advance - on rare occasions we can provide out-of-hours support for an additional fee.

Our Remote Setup Packages

We have an incredibly popular range of remote setup services, designed for IP cameras and recorders. With this we can get your kit configured for remote access, letting you watch your cameras or adjust recording settings from anywhere using a PC, phone or tablet. This involves an initial setup fee, and then an annual direct debit to cover the subscription for a web address to access the device. The higher support levels also have additional benefits, such as free onsite exchanges for faulty kit.

Bronze Setup Bronze Setup
Booking fee: £25 + VAT
Annual subscription: £12.50 + VAT




Silver Setup

Silver Setup
Booking fee: £50 + VAT
Annual subscription: £37.50 + VAT




Gold Setup

Gold Setup
Booking fee: £66.67 + VAT
Annual subscription: £54.17 + VAT




Platinum Setup

Platinum Setup
Booking fee: £83.33 + VAT
Annual subscription: £70.83 + VAT





We are also often asked by customers if we can pre-configure equipment in orders before dispatching it, for example programming a certain detection mode into our battery powered spy cameras. We can do this for wide range of products for a flat fee. If you think you might need an item preconfigured, then just get in touch before ordering, and we can advise whether this is possible.

£12.50 + VAT per item

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