Our Support & Service Packages

Remote support

We know that CCTV can be confusing.

It's a specialist field of technology, filled with technical jargon, and even professional installers with decades of experience can have trouble keeping up to date with the latest know-how. Because of this, we have made it our mission to make sure our customers always have the information and help they need to get their security systems working and protecting their property. So whether you're installing systems for trade, or just a single camera to go up on your house, we can help! We have a blend of support packages, where we guide you, and service packages, where we can do it for you, to suit your budget.

All price below include VAT.

Engineer Setup Services

£15 (Booking required)

Our most popular service is our 'book an engineer' service. We've kept this simple and have a flat fee of £15 per item setup. This service includes a 'remote login' where you will download some clever software to allows us to log into your PC. The list below is some of the things we can help with:

  • Configure an IP camera on a NVR
  • Assistance setting up your recorder settings
  • Configuring smart camera settings
  • Pre-configure or reconfigure wireless bridges*
  • Assistance with software configuration
  • Password resets
  • Helping to download software from our website
  • Demonstrating how to use PC to access software 
  • Analysis of your network equipment (further charges may apply)
  • Set up your system on an app or set up your DNS address

Booking is required and there may be a few days' wait due to the popularity of this service.
Setups that take longer than 30 minutes due to slow internet speeds or delay by the customer may incur further charges.

Our Support & Services Packages

We have an incredibly popular range of setup services, designed for IP cameras and recorders. With this we can get your kit configured for remote access, letting you watch your cameras or adjust recording settings from anywhere using a PC, phone or tablet. This involves an initial setup fee, and then an annual direct debit to cover the subscription for a web address to access the device. The higher support levels also have additional benefits, such as free onsite exchanges for faulty kit.

Bronze SetupBronze Support

  • Email support only
  • Access to our online manuals, videos and guides on how to set up your equipment
  • Weekday email response within 48 hours or 72 hours during peak times
  • Priority to solve is dependent on urgency and complexity of the issue
  • Outbound calls made if further information is required
  • We can book you in for an engineer setup for £15 per item 
    Silver Setup

    Silver Support
    £50 inc VAT per year (Just 96p per week)

    Everything in Bronze support plus:

    • First working day email response within 24 hours
    • Telephone support and guidance from a member of helpdesk
    • Step-by-step help with setting up systems
    • Includes free personalised DNS address and booked in setup
      Gold Setup

      Gold Support
      £85 inc VAT per year (Just £1.63 per week)

      Everything in Silver support plus:

      • Fast track email support
      • Same working day telephone support within 2 hours (unless after 3pm)
      • Includes system setup and configuration (no extra fees)
      • Includes personalised DNS address and configuration for remote viewing
      • Remote assistance via desktop sharing at no extra fee
      • Extended warranty for as long as the service is paid (items up to £500)
      • Items more than £500 covered by 3 year repair or replace warranty
      • On-site swap out for items identified as faulty
      • Covers up to six individual items**

        £75 inc VAT per year for every six additional items.

        If you reset your router or factory reset your system and require a new full setup this is charged at our per item service fee of £15.

        Gold Setup

        Gold Service 12
        £165 per year (Just £3.17 per week)

        Everything in Gold Service 6 plus:

        • Cover for up to 12 individual items**
        • Or an extra six items can be covered for those already on Gold Service 6 for £75


        Gold Setup

        Gold Service 18
        £240 per year (Just £4.61 per week)

        Everything in Gold Service 6 plus:

        • Cover for up to 18 individual items**





        *A bridge (a pair of two panels) is one item. A third panel in a multi-bridge setup would count as one extra item.
        **An item is a camera, recorder, bridge or switch. Accessories such as cables etc in your system are not counted.